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Entry by Rabbi Bob

 Shoot Out

Originally aired 10/30/1986

     The Queen of the Crown is looking for ways to feed her Psychocrypt and this time has decided to lure victims to her new stadium, the Excelon.  Her plan is to host "the most fantastic event ever to take place in the known galaxy, the 1st Interstellar Shoot-Out," pitting the contestants against her own champion gunslinger for a Queen's ransom in Star Stones as the prize.

     The word hits the streets of Tortuna and the most dangerous gunslingers prepare for the contest.


     Mogul the Sorcerer and his assistant Larry, hearing about the Star Stone prize, conjure up a four-armed gunslinger and set off to win the games.

     Back on Earth, the Rangers receive the contest notification through hyper-relay.  The Queen has included the only Star Stone ever made from a human in the prize pot:  The Eliza Foxx crystal.  The Rangers set off for Tortuna to get the crystal back and to re-unite Zachary and his wife.

     The game allows each gunslinger unlimited stun blast ammunition.  The fighting area is inlaid with dozens of pop up walls, obstructions and holograms.  First to be stunned looses.

     Throughout the day, the contestants battle it out for the prize.

     Announced battles:


      The Rangers track down Geezie the Pedulant and confirm that the Queen has set a trap to capture more people for her Psychocrypt.  Reluctantly, Geezie helps them lay down the plans to steal the crystals from the Queen,

      Back at the Arena, the 4 Armed Thing takes down the Queen's Champion in battle.  In a bid to win the contest, the Queen grants Mogul the title of "Imperial Court Wizard" and gains 4 Arms as her new champion.


     Their plans fail and the Queen captures three of the four Rangers.

      Meanwhile, a strange Kiwi and his tall blond human friend register at the contest....


     The Galaxy Stranger takes to the Arena floor and quickly rises to the final round to face the 4 Armed Thing.

     An intense round follows with Gooseman and 4 Arms hitting it up toe to toe.  Suffering a hit to the shoulder, Goose turns to his Series 5 implant and comes back to win the fight.


     With the help of Geezie, the Rangers escape from the Queen with the Star Stone prize in hand.  As expected the reports of the Eliza Foxx crystal were exaggerated.  On a good note, Geezie recovered the crystal of his cousin Lupnib, missing for two years.

     The Rangers pack up and head back home


Registrar: Little short aren't ya?

Zozo:  Not me, hair brain, I'm signing up my boy here..

Registrar:  You talk. He fights.

Zozo:  You got it, brain surgeon.

Registrar: Name?

Zozo:  Ain't got one.

Registrar: No name, no entry.

Zozo:  All right..  The Galaxy Stranger.

Registrar:  Galaxy Stranger?  Kinda catchy....



Get your Crunchies and eat them now!  Doy